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Welcome to Brooks Hill Music

“Giving Voices to Beautiful Woods”

 We are the Home of the Wonderful Wound Strings Psaltery Collection

Listen to the difference that Wound Strings can add to your Music!

Also, the Exclusive 17/16 Black Bog Oak Hammered Dulcimers- Wood that has been Carbon Dated to be nearly 2,000 years old!

We’ve  built Dulcimers in several Unique woods, that have rarely been seen…and ‘Voices’ that have rarely been heard…

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Colin Beasley and Jessica Comeau Won First Place in each category.



We couldn’t be more proud of his outstanding accomplishments. It’s been an honor to have built his 1st Hammered Dulcimer and then marvel as we watched him go from a recording- that same day!- as he began playing, and then on to winning a collection of them now!


We do have some New Inventory available. I’m updating the website now, but it’s a slow process. If you would like to contact us for photos, Custom Orders, or information, feel free to email us at, or call me at: (601) 818-9022. Due to increasing robocalls(!) I do check for messages before returning your call to ensure it’s actually a genuine (Real People!) call first. I will call you back- usually quite soon. :)


We’re Adding Ben’s Woodturning Bowls!!!!!

Note- this didn’t happen yet. He suddenly sold almost all of them locally!

I’ll be adding some soon if I can get some more.

Enlarge this to enjoy our New Collage Picture by Paul Sykes!

After Finishing with Blueprinting and Creating our Entire New Psaltery Line,  Our Unique BHM Super Psalteries have been Selling, and have Proven Themselves- some to Distant Shores! Thanks to Our Wonderful Buyers, and Their Great Ideas, Brooks Hill Music has Grown and Reached 39 States and at Least 14 Foreign Countries! 



Welcome to Brooks Hill Music!

We are a small scale business that wants to specialize in Happy Customers!

By choosing to remain small, we intend to stay in close touch with our instruments and their new owners. We love what we do! We also love to share the Joy of it with new friends around the world.

We use woods that are special to us for various reasons. These might be familiar woods, others are likely to be quite unusual to you… Some are in very limited supply, as they have rarely even been seen in all our years of wood collecting. One of these is our beautiful Black Bog Oak, which has actually been carbon dated to be A.D. 90- A.D. 100. As I play my Psaltery or 17/16 Hammer Dulcimer in this incredible wood, with it’s tiny ancient worm holes and dark striping patterns, it continues to awe me that it isn’t  200… but nearly 2,000 years old…

Other woods we use are likely never seen in musical instruments, and very beautiful when used this way. From the familiar Black Walnut, to the centuries old Sinker Cypress, the totally unexpected glory of the Catalpa-Catawba of fishing fame, the rosy glow of Cherry, the common-but-huge, single-board Pine, the sweet tones of the Red Gum-Mississippi Mahogany, the striking patterns of the Ambrosia Maple, the exotic beauty of Marble wood, the rich colors of Canary heart wood, the bright coloring and surprising streaks of almost-chrome yellow in our own native Chinaberry… the woods are all special in their unique ways.

My favorite is a personal Dream-come-to-Life. A big 17/16 Hammer Dulcimer in magnificent Magnolia wood. It must be felt to be believed, as the smooth surface is like touching marble or alabaster, and looks much like it, too. Filled with shadow patterns and shimmers, Magnolia wood truly is magnificent. Best of all, the voices of these woods are all beautiful, and deserve to be heard.


This is what we do… We’re giving Voices to these beautiful woods.


Feel free to visit our Woods page for more information on the different woods we have tried thus far. We’ll be adding others, as we have opportunity to try them- we’ve just added a little Bradford Pear, and hope to be able to use some Mulberry that is currently drying… We welcome calls for custom instruments, so just ask if you want something special and we’ll try our best to create it for you!

Update: We’ve just collected some more Bradford Pear to dry, and we have Juniper ready for building- and a finished Mulberry is available now!