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SOLD Exclusive Black Bog Oak & Magnolia Low Model Psaltery

SOLD  Sorry- these sold FAST. We will be building more, but orders are welcome if you’d like a special wood choice or combination of woods. Feel free to ask- there is NO obligation to buy if you do! We need inventory anyway, so your input would be most welcome. :)

Exclusive to Brooks Hill Music is this Black Bog Oak & Magnolia Low Model Psaltery. Truly beautiful, pictures can’t show it properly. Enlarge them to get a better idea of the magnificent Magnolia back- especially along the top and side edges. The front is our own Carbon Dated Black Bog Oak that has been dated to be nearly 2,000 years old. This unusual Instrument ranges from G2 through 2 Octaves up to G4, plus A4, B4, C5 and D5. A full 12 strings are heavy wound strings for deep Bass notes- perfect for chord playing to add to gatherings, and it also has a full Octave plus around Middle C4 to play with a group or alone. With 2 beautiful Rosettes, and it’s amazing woods, it truly gets attention wherever it is seen.  A Demo Video Playlist is now on the Video page!

Exclusive Black Bog Oak & Magnolia Low Psaltery
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1SOLD Exclusive Black Bog Oak & Magnolia Low Psaltery $250.00
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