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On this page are Videos and Video Playlists we have added to share. To see the Playlist Videos as separate Videos, click on the Video Title at the top left and you will be sent to a Youtube Page where the Playlist Videos are shown in a scrolling set on the right side of the first video. This may help you to select special videos for studying and practicing to play some of the songs on your own instrument!

If the Title doesn’t show, use the small ‘i’ on the top right and it will reveal more information and the hidden Title that you may click on to reach the Youtube Playlist page as directed above. Or, you may refresh this page. :)


Guy George playing our Beautiful 17/16 Black Bog Oak Hammered Dulcimer at the Festival

Guy George playing our Best Hammered Dulcimer 2

17/16 Red Gum-Mississippi Mahogany Hammered Dulcimer

 17/16 Magnolia Hammered Dulcimer

Burled Black Walnut Plucked Psaltery

Brooks Hill AutoHarp – Baby in A Manger & 3 More in a Playlist


Next are Videos that I’ve ‘Super-Sized’ for greater detail. We hope you enjoy their unique Beautiful Woods!


Requested Sound Sample- 4 Psalteries, 3 Models.
1. Magnolia Original Model, front, elevated. All wound strings.
2. Black Walnut High Model with Ultra Special Grain Pattern from Stump Wood. Left side.
3. Magnolia High Model with Unusual Knot-hole Rosette Placement. Has additional Brooks Hill Music Exclusive Black Bog Oak Bridges, Carbon-Dated to be nearly 2,000 years old. Center, back.
4. Red Gum-Mississippi Mahogany Middle Model that has Mixed Strings- some wound, some not. Closest to Original Model, but with 4 extra higher note strings. Far right side.

Next on this page will be a group of our Very-Own SUPER PSALTERIES. Each contains 4.5 Octaves of notes and are mostly tuned to the Key of G to enable our Wonderful Visitors a clearer idea of what the ‘Voice’ of each of these 6 unique woods sound like. Enjoy! 

Here is our FIRST Super Psaltery Video! This one was Custom Ordered by Terry Butler with a Beautiful Black Bog Oak Face, Red Gum-Mississippi Mahogany Back, and is a Amplifier-ready Super Psaltery with 4 internal pick-ups installed inside. Here, it isn’t amplified at all… Enjoy!

Here is the same Super Psaltery being Hammered with psalterygirl’s Custom PSALTERY Hammers- first with NO Amp, then with my Roland CUBE 40XL turned on with a 2-3 Acoustic Setting on a scale of 10, and a third of the Chorus… I’m not good at Hammer playing like Terry is in her videos, but this is to give you an idea of how it sounds. :)

Here is our First-Ever Demo Super Psaltery!!! Finally, you can hear it’s Lovely Catawba-Catalpa ‘Voice.’

A Smooth and Lovely Magnolia Super Psaltery

Our Spectacular Black Walnut Super Psaltery 

Our One-and-Only Sweet-Voiced Poplar Super Psaltery

Our Lovely Red Gum-Mississippi Mahogany Super Psaltery 


Enjoy this great Video by a Good Friend in Tennessee – Terry Butler, aka on Youtube as psalterygirl. She developed this special version of this beautiful song to play on her Brooks Hill Music Original Model Psaltery built of Red Gum-Mississippi Mahogany- the Happiest Little Psaltery we’ve ever sold, I’m sure. She is also demonstrating her Wonderful Psaltery Hammering Technique!

(As this Video is- naturally!- included in my Youtube ‘Favorites’ Playlist, you will find it continues playing after this video finishes. If you’d like to watch my Favorite Youtube videos, too, feel free- but I’ll give ‘Fair Warning’- there is a wide, but clean variety in this Playlist! Some have been really great learning aids. :)


Here is a SPECIAL Treat! A New Playlist I’ve Collected with Permission Granted by the Talented Musicians Featured in it. They are All Playing Some of the Brooks Hill Music Instruments So Beautifully that I’ve Asked to Include Them Here in this Playlist for Our Visitors to Enjoy with Us! Included are psalterygirl again- Terry Butler from Tennessee,  flutingspirit- also from Youtube, and Guy George Making One of Our Best Hammered Dulcimers ‘Sing.’ You’ll Find a Few Different Playing Methods- Hammering, Plucking with the Fingers, and Plucking with Special Picks by flutingspirit. They’ve Been Inspirational to Us in Their Unique Playing Styles-

And They are All Really GOOD! :)



Here is a REALLY SPECIAL TREAT! Terry Butler, aka psalterygirl on her Youtube Channel, kindly created and shared her new Brooks Hill Music Super Psaltery with us! She custom ordered her Super in our exclusive Carbon-Dated, nearly 2,000 year old Black Bog Oak with Ambrosia Maple Bridges to match the Maple Rosettes for the face, and our sweet-voiced Red Gum-Mississippi Mahogany for the back, with Quad pick ups installed.

In the Video Playlist below, she shared 11 new songs for us!

As you can see, she adds custom work to her instruments- her own Brass markers for C and G notes in the Key of C, (with black dots added on the C’s), and peel and stick letters on the face, or down the outside of the right Bridge- not shown here. (I shared a picture of them on the News Page.)

As with all of these Playlists, only one Video shows here- but once you start playing any of them, all of the videos in the included Playlist will continue playing for you. If you want to select which songs you want to play- and maybe learn with them, as Terry actually intended to help you do- click on the title of the video at the top left, and you will open a Youtube page with a scrolling list of the included videos on the right side of this first video. Select the video(s) you want and let her help you learn how to play your favorites on your own instrument! :)

Enjoy! We certainly did! :D



Here is a New Playlist of our Original Model Psalteries in various woods to enable our Visitors to compare the different ‘Voices’ of the many unique woods we use to build our Brooks Hill Music Instruments. All of the new Psalteries are in the Key of G and played the same way to help you hear only the wood differences. Some are older videos, but are included to help with comparing the different woods. 


Here is a 2-Video Playlist Set of Flutingspirit’s Beautiful Videos from his Youtube Channel. He is using special Picks on a Black Bog Oak Low Model Psaltery- and he prefers to play in a different orientation! His Videos are much higher quality and MUCH more professional looking than mine!


For Further Information on Any of My Videos, Use the Small ‘i’ Link at the Top Right of Each Video. Once the Text is Partially Opened, You May Also Click on the Name of the Video at the Top Left, to See These and Others at My YouTube Channel, with Any Information We Have Included with Each One. You can also easily find my Youtube Channel by simply Googling Brooks Hill Music AutoHarp and use the Video you’ll see in the search results to go to my Videos.  Visitors are VERY Welcome!

These instructions will also help you see more of the other Artist’s work that we’ve included here! Most are Multi-Talented and play other Instruments besides their Brooks Hill Music Instruments. They have great Youtube Channels of their own that I’ve throughly enjoyed visiting. :)

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