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SOLD ‘A Mother’s Day Dream Super Psaltery’

GONE! Given as a Mother’s Day Gift!  Another can be built if desired- just ask! :)

Looking for something REALLY SPECIAL for Mother’s Day? Maybe this will be what you want to find… This is our FIRST Amp-Ready Psaltery! Also, we are trying to make it affordable. Usually, one installed pick-up can cost $75.00. This Big Beauty has FOUR installed Pick-ups for  $150.00- the price of TWO! We may have to go up later, but THIS one is only this much. :)

The Super Psalteries are like portable Harps, with the full Octave range of some Floor Harps- four and a half Octaves, from G2 through Middle C4, and on up all the way to D7! Soon, I will make some Demo Videos to share their beautiful sound. :)

Usually selling for $350.00 and shipping, this one is $150.00 more for all four installed Pick-ups. A full, balanced amplification is the result when we tested it with 4, so we built it with 4- now you can enjoy it with us!

I don’t know how long these will last- we’ve been selling out on Models I didn’t expect to sell out first- and filling Custom Orders, but these are new Listings with no claims on them yet. As they are extra nice Instruments, which naturally cost more than a small Psaltery, they could wait for a sell. Or they could sell fast due to their unique Beauty and features. If you miss them, we can build for you. Every one is different- so they won’t be exactly the same- some are one-of-a-kind- but we’ll do our best for you! :)

Red Gum-MS Mahogany with 4 Pick ups
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