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First Brooks Hill Music AutoHarp being built

A sneak peek at our latest addition!


The Prototype Brooks Hill Music AutoHarp and the follow-up BHM AutoHarp waiting to be ok’ed for finishing. I play this first AutoHarp every week in public now, and we still keep improving the design. Yes, I LOVE it! Yes, it sounds GREAT! I’m just wanting it to be the Best it can be before we sell one. :)

(You can also see some extra Instruments that are in the background of this picture.)

Coming soon!

We are currently waiting for my picky-ness to be satisfied. Then, once it is finished, we’ll be offering a 38 string AutoHarp with Chromatic set up in our own Black Bog Oak and Ambrosia Maple. Included will be full fine tuners to lengthen the life of both your new instrument, AND your desire to play- with far less time spent tuning!

This limited supply Black Bog Oak is the same wood  listed in our other instruments, and has been Carbon Dated to be almost 2,000 years old. As it is well known that older musical instruments have the best sound quality, I love starting with wood that is already aged for ages before it’s even built!

There will also be a custom sized sound bar beneath all 38 strings, easily allowing you to hook into PA systems so everyone can hear how sweet your new instrument sounds.

The first one of this set we’ve built is my very own- and I LOVE to hear that Ancient Oak sing!

News Update! 

The First Brooks Hill Music AutoHarp has Been Built, and the Second will be Soon! The First is Still Being Tested and Improved, but a Video Playlist of it is Now Included on the Video Page. Now You Can Hear it!