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Plucked Psalteries are ancient Musical Instruments that are VERY easy to learn to play! Whether a First-Timer in your 80′s, or an experienced Musician, it can be hard to put it down! Simple music cards or sheets allow you to follow the musical dots to play, or the easy numbered music of Mountain Dulcimer players will follow your string numbers with a simple guide. Both music sources are easy to collect for lots of music! We provide a quality tuning wrench, two Guitar picks for those who like to use them, and a start of both types of music  for you. We will tune to G or D as you request, or C if you prefer to play your own music. All you need is to choose which of our instruments is the most beautiful to you!

Our Original Model Psalteries were 15 strings and 2 Octaves. The new Models are in 4 sizes and now contain 19 strings for 2.5 Octaves, or 33 strings and 4.5 Octaves! These largest Beauties are named Super Psalteries, naturally, and contain as many strings as some full Floor Harps- in a compact, very portable size! This is an exclusive design that we created to share with our wonderful buyers- and my favorite instrument to play melody on. :)

We have a range of woods and pricing to suit most anyone. Blemished ones are a real bargain, too.

Shipping rates for Plucked Psalteries in the continental US are $35.00 for most Instruments, with $45.00 for the bigger Low Model Psalteries. Supers are a little more at $55.00 due to their much larger shipping needs. This is below our actual cost to carefully package, fully insure and ship any of them to you!

Contact us for International sales! We’ve found less expensive shipping that may make it more affordable for you to own a Brooks Hill Music Psaltery!

Just added- - now you can hear! 

Check the video page for a new video playlist showing one of our new Low Model Psalteries!

Now UploadedA Playlist of our different Original Model Psalteries in many unique woods! Look at the last Video on the Video page with a Cherry Original Psaltery to hear them all and compare their many individual ‘Voices.’ I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed finally creating it to share with you… :)

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  • SOLD Exclusive Super Psaltery in Sweet Red Gum-Mississippi Mahogany NEWIMG_0820

      SOLD Exclusive Super Psaltery in Sweet Red Gum-Mississippi Mahogany- it’s simply quietly lovely. Our Best-Selling wood due to its warm, sweet ‘Voice,’ this is a very enjoyable Psaltery. With 4.5 Octaves to play your music in, you can play extra low, then change to extra high- and add clear harmony to gatherings in Octaves … Continue reading »

  • SOLD High Model Psaltery in Beautiful Ancient Black Bog Oak and MagnoliaIMG_5089

      SOLD A beautiful High Psaltery in Brooks Hill Music’s exclusive Black Bog Oak that has been Carbon Dated to be nearly 2,000 years old, combined with some exceptionally gorgeous Magnolia for the back. As always, a copy of the testing paperwork is included with every item that uses this wonderful wood. This is truly … Continue reading »

  • SOLD High Octaves Model Black Walnut PsalteryIMG_5717

      Imperfect, gorgeous Black Walnut and Ambrosia Maple High Octaves Model Psaltery. This one is reduced due to a high shoulder at the top- though it’s simply beautiful, it’s clearly not from a factory assembly line! Our loss could be your gain- especially if you’d enjoy small quirks of true individuality in your Psaltery! I’m … Continue reading »

  • SOLD High Octaves Model Red Gum-Mississippi Mahogany PsalteryIMG_5695

      This one is AMAZING! Check out the Gorgeous wood grain patterns and awesome sheen on the front and back of this highly unusual Red Gum-Mississippi Mahogany Psaltery. This wood is our best selling wood- but it’s not usually known for being Beautiful. It’s commonly known best for it’s sweet ‘Voice.’

  • SOLD Lovely Red Gum-Mississippi Mahogany Middle PsalteryRed Gum-Mississippi Mahogany Middle Psaltery

    SOLD! If you’d like for us to build you another like this one, just let us know and we’ll be glad to! A beautiful Middle Range Psaltery in sweet voiced Mississippi Mahogany. The double instrument picture is a comparison picture to show the increased size against our original size. More pictures available if desired- the … Continue reading »

  • SOLD Low Model Psaltery in Gorgeous Black Walnut NEWIMG_0753

        SOLD New Low Model in Gorgeous Black Walnut. Look at the back of this gorgeous Psaltery! It’s a real Beauty… With the well-known sweet ‘Voice’ of Black Walnut, this Instrument combines extra colors and grain patterns with it’s unique Low Octave sound to be a very special Psaltery. Enlarge the pictures to enjoy … Continue reading »

  • SOLD Low Octaves Model Ambrosia Maple PsalteryIMG_5721

      SOLD A ‘Blushing Beauty’ in a Peach-Pink tinged Ambrosia Maple! Isn’t it Lovely? Wonderful Ambrosia patterns, graceful shimmers, and shadings of subtle shifts in color- it’s impossible to capture it’s full impact in photographs. Enlarge the photos to their full size by clicking two full steps up to see how I tried my best! This … Continue reading »

  • SOLD Low Octaves Model Psaltery in Ancient Black Bog OakIMG_0734

          SOLD. New Low Model Black Bog Oak Psaltery. We keep selling these before we can get them listed! Even imperfects have found wonderful Homes faster than we could finish them… If you want a truly super-special Low Octaves Psaltery, consider this one. Built of our exclusive, Carbon-Dated Black Bog Oak, it begins … Continue reading »

  • SOLD Middle Model Psaltery in Black Walnut NEWIMG_0733

          SOLD New Middle Model Psaltery in Black Walnut. Isn’t this a gorgeous Psaltery? It’s not as flashy as some of our Black Walnut Psalteries, but it has plenty of color and shimmer in a quieter way. Of course, it has the same beautiful ‘Voice’ that all Black Walnut instruments are known for!

  • SOLD Middle Model Psaltery in Highly Unusual Red Gum-Mississippi MahoganyIMG_5115

    New pricing! This Middle Model Psaltery will get lots of attention wherever it is seen. It looks positively Ancient- and it is. Though it hasn’t been Carbon Dated like our exclusive Black Bog Oak, the Sweet Gum Tree needs 200-300 years to develop a good red heart. For it to be massive enough to cut … Continue reading »

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