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Plucked Psalteries are ancient Musical Instruments that are VERY easy to learn to play! Whether a First-Timer in your 80′s, or an experienced Musician, it can be hard to put it down! Simple music cards or sheets allow you to follow the musical dots to play, or the easy numbered music of Mountain Dulcimer players will follow your string numbers with a simple guide. Both music sources are easy to collect for lots of music! We provide a quality tuning wrench, two Guitar picks for those who like to use them, and a start of both types of music  for you. We will tune to G or D as you request, or C if you prefer to play your own music. All you need is to choose which of our instruments is the most beautiful to you!

Our Original Model Psalteries are 15 strings and 2 Octaves, now with all wound strings. The new Models are in 4 sizes and now contain 19 strings for 2.5 Octaves, or 33 strings and 4.5 Octaves! These largest Beauties are named Super Psalteries, naturally, and contain as many strings as some full Floor Harps- in a compact, very portable size! This is an exclusive design that we created to share with our wonderful buyers- and my favorite instrument to play melody on. :)

We have a range of woods and pricing to suit most anyone. Blemished ones are a real bargain, too.

With the current Clearance Sale, we  are offering some great Bargain pricing- with the new wound strings, which cost us over $15.00, and the quality wrenches we’ve added, you get about $39.00 worth of extra value with each one-  and the shipping is below our cost, too!  Once they’re gone, they’re GONE!

A few  may show some minor ‘Show Scuffs,’ so we reduced them for a great deal. We probably won’t make much at all on these, as shipping has become so expensive, and we added  the extras for you. I try to photograph very closely to ensure you can see them clearly. Feel free to ask if you have any questions- we don’t mind. :)

If no price is listed, the item is currently listed on eBay under quitecatcrazy. If you are interested in one of these, feel free to contact us about any of them!

Shipping rates for Plucked Psalteries in the continental US are $35.00 for most Instruments, with $45.00 for the bigger Low Model Psalteries. Supers are a little more at $55.00 due to their much larger shipping needs. This is below our actual cost to carefully package, fully insure and ship any of them to you!

Contact us for International sales! We’ve found less expensive shipping that may make it more affordable for you to own a Brooks Hill Music Psaltery!

Just added- - now you can hear! 

Check the video page for a new video playlist showing one of our new Low Model Psalteries!

Now UploadedA Playlist of our different Original Model Psalteries in many unique woods! Look at the last Video on the Video page with a Cherry Original Psaltery to hear them all and compare their many individual ‘Voices.’ I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed finally creating it to share with you… :)

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