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Favorite Links

Please check out some of our favorite links!

Magnolia Strings Dulcimers

This is where I can be found! I bring my Brooks Hill Music AutoHarp and a Super Psaltery to join in with this WONDERFUL open group- all are WELCOME! You can find help learning to play the Mountain Dulcimer and Bowed Psaltery and make new Friends here. I’m available, too, of course. I’ll be glad to help with Autoharps, Psalteries, Ukulele, etc. :)

Everything Dulcimer

This is a great site with LOTS of free Mountain Dulcimer music- check it out!

Dickinson Dulcimer

This talented Gentleman teaches great Hammered Dulcimer Workshops and has a high quality workbook you’ll want- I had to have one, so I wanted to be sure to include his website here to help you be able to get one for yourself!

Guy George’s Homepage and Web Shop

This is a VERY talented couple who has often helped our local Festival with judging. Guy George actually played for us in the videos on one of our Hammered Dulcimers, and I had to have one of Sharrie’s beautiful Spalted Mango Tenor Ukuleles and took her workshop class. She is a GREAT Teacher! Guy’s special Steel Drums must be heard to be believed- you’ll love his example videos. Their store is new and well-worth a visit.

Ringing Strings

For the FINEST Bowed Psalteries- this is where you want to go! His website will make it easy to both see and hear true quality in a Bowed Psaltery. The one he built for me of our own, exclusive Black Bog Oak, looks like it belongs in a Museum… I couldn’t imagine a better Bowed Psaltery- and I wouldn’t buy one anywhere else if I want a really good one. You’ll enjoy his videos and sound clips, and his pictures are gorgeous! Quilted Maple… Wormy Chestnut… Some woods I’ve never seen offered- just like our own love of unusual beautiful woods- no wonder we love his Instruments!

The band that we love to hear. Their ‘White Swan’ CD was a treat from their Fiddler, Mark Indictor, when he came by to visit us here at Brooks Hill Music. We were honored that he’d chosen to own one of our finest Black Bog Oak 17/16 Hammered Dulcimers. Wish I’d been born with the talent to play a Fiddle like Mark! We really enjoyed having him and his lovely Wife come by.

Southern Strings

The sponsors of our own local Festival- come see us in February! Contests, prizes, classes, and fun jams!