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SOLD Middle Octaves Model Extra-Fancy Catawba-Catalpa Psaltery



SOLD An absolutely STUNNING Psaltery! You’d really be glad you did if you allow yourself some time to enjoy looking at this Beauty! It’s a ‘One-of-a-Kind’ with incredible Brilliance… It’s probably the most Beautiful Psaltery we’ll ever build…it’s THAT stunning! If it doesn’t sell quickly, I may keep it in my own Collection. Seriously!

Catawba wood is so difficult to describe- I think of it as being like the Tiger Eye Gemstones. As you turn it and see it from different angles, it seems to change and reveal shimmers and gleaming areas that were invisible and darker just a moment before… I’ve included extra pictures to try to capture some of those subtle changes.

This one has an imperfection on the upper left back that wasn’t of any importance except appearance- and it’s in the last photo. It’s on the back, over the frame, and has been treated for stability, so it’s purely a cosmetic issue. Due to that, this one is reduced from the ‘Extra-Fancy’ classification I would have naturally priced it for. Regular Middle Models are 195, and ‘Fancy’ woods are more, at 235 normally- with more for the Extra-Fancy. Our ancient Black Bog Oak is the highest at 255- all for Double Faces in the special woods. Because this one is extra-special, though imperfect, I’ve lowered the price from 245 to 225- which truly seems awfully low for such a beautiful Psaltery!

At any lower pricing, I simply couldn’t let it go- enlarge the photos twice to see just how amazing this Psaltery is!

SOLD Middle Octaves Model Catawba-Catalpa Psaltery
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1Extra-Fancy Imperfect Middle Octaves Model Catawba-Catalpa Psaltery$225.00
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