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SOLD Middle Octaves Model Wild Cherry Psaltery


SOLD I had to upload a lot of photos for this Beauty- it’s color and sheen is too rich and deep to resist trying to share! This is locally grown, Wild Cherry, and it’s just incredibly beautiful. I hope you can see at least some of it- enlarge the photos twice to see the details. You’ll probably be glad you did… :)

I almost forgot! The Bridges are REALLLLLLY Special- they are built from our own exclusive Black Bog Oak!- which has been Carbon Dated to be nearly 2,000 years old. This ancient wood is always accompanied by a copy of the paperwork where it was dated for us. Isn’t it lovely in contrast with this Wild Cherry? Of course, the ‘Voice’ has to be great with these two special woods. :)

Middle Octaves Model Wild Cherry Psaltery
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1SOLD Middle Octaves Model Wild Cherry Psaltery$195.00
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