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New Updates

This Page Has Been Created for Sharing Updates on What We’re Doing at Brooks Hill Music. Site Improvements and Additions, New Instruments Being Built, News of Events and Locations Where You May Find Us Will Be Added Here.


What’s the latest news on Brooks Hill?


Festival Time on February 18 and 19, 2017!


Due to the recent tragic Tornado that heavily damaged William Carey College, the Festival has been relocated. See link for more information:


February 19, 2015-

It’s Festival Time!!! :)

Be sure to come by and see us at our booth with the Southern Strings Dulcimer Festival this Friday and Saturday! We’d love to meet you! It’s being held at William Carey College again this year and the Champions of last year’s Contest will be back to perform for us again. One now even has her own CD that will be available in the booths! This is always a fun event, so you’ll be glad you came to enjoy it with us. :)

Here’s a link to the Festival Information:


December 4, 2014-

Slowly- but surely! The new instruments are being added! :)


December 3, 2014- 

We are already selling our new Psalteries, while having a site difficulty in listing them here! It could be due to recent required site updates that may have changed some controls- they are just confusing me, lol. I expect to resolve this uploading problem very shortly, (hopefully today), when my Web Master can assist me. I can still help anyone via emails and already have a completed set of photos available for every new Instrument if you’d like to see any of them better. I often help through emails, so it’s no problem at all. Feel free to call or write- I’m never pushy with anyone regarding sales! We have repeat buyers for a good reason- we do our best to ensure you are glad you considered a Brooks Hill Music Instrument! :)


The white Beauty at the end of the row near the upper right will be arriving in it’s new South Carolina Home this Thursday. We built it of Native Magnolia and a Ambrosia Maple frame, with the added extra of some of our exclusive ancient Black Bog Oak for it’s Bridges.  It’s special coloring certainly stood out in the group photo, didn’t it? I enjoyed some really nice conversations with it’s new owner before shipping, which is always nice to me as a builder- it’s truly wonderful when you get to know a buyer better and see that a instrument is going to a great new Home! :)


November 27-28, 2014- HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

We have a nice Collection of brand new instruments ready for the Holidays! After our Dinner today I’ll be photographing and listing them here. Some are new wood choices- stay tuned to see them before they’re gone!  :)


Here is a really SPECTACULAR Super Psaltery I’m introducing on eBay for Black Friday…

Copy and paste in your browser bar to go right to it:

Inside eBay, these key words should also bring it up in search:

Super Psaltery Plucked Hammered Harp Dulcimer Zither Autoharp Catawba Maple

(It should be quite easy to recognize as a Brooks Hill Super Psaltery! :)


September 29, 2014- Been BUSY around here! 

We’ve been doing most of our business as Custom Orders now! As our build time for Psalteries is usually about 3 weeks, many of our Buyers love to design their own now. :)

We try to build 2 of each Custom Order to ensure the Buyer has a choice as well- and often we sell the extra Instrument before we have time to list it online via email photos!

Since Holiday Sales are coming soon, we do have a selection of Psalteries and Hammer Dulcimers being finished now for listing on the website- if they don’t sell before I can share them here! If you have a Special Psaltery idea you’d like to have us build for you, just let us know- there is no obligation to buy, or any fee ahead of time to have it built for you. We truly want you to be Happy with any Instrument you choose to buy from us! :)


May 26, 2014- Happy Memorial Day!

We want to give thanks to all who Serve- and especially to all who’ve given the Highest Sacrifice in their own families. No THANK YOU will ever be enough, but we do appreciate your Service and your losses for our Freedom.


I’ve been away a great deal lately- lots of Custom Orders and family special events have kept me busy! We have now added a new Grandson to Brooks Hill, so we’ve another Musician to train when he gets big enough! :)

I’m currently stringing a Custom Order for a Black Walnut Middle Model now, and will have an extra to list on the website after the buyer has chosen one of the pair. We usually build 2 of any Custom Order so our buyers have a choice- and we have an extra to list. However, I often sell them before I can list them! The Black Walnut and Black Bog Oak Middle Models don’t stay long. :)

We have several unlisted Instruments that I need to upload soon. There is a gorgeous Black Bog Oak 17/16 Hammered Dulcimer that hasn’t been listed and is ready. If I’d listed it, I probably wouldn’t have it anymore! These exclusive HD’s don’t usually last long.

There are also some other 17/16 Hammered Dulcimers coming soon- one is GORGEOUS in Fancy Grain Catawba-Catalpa! :)

I also have some incredible Super Psalteries that are very Fancy. I need to share one on eBay to help folks locate us and to introduce that wide audience to my own unique design in these 33 string Supers with their 4.5 Octave range. These are beautiful enough to be my first Extra-Special introductions there. :)

I’ve also finished some new Middle Models, and have more Middle, Low and High Models to be finished soon!

As always, we welcome anyone to contact us for special attention to help you choose the best Psaltery or Hammer Dulcimer for you- this is my favorite way to ensure you find exactly the right one for you! It also helps me get to know our buyers better, and they often become friends. Feel free to contact us for any questions or help- we are never pushy to sell to you. We want Happy buyers and can’t accomplish that by pushing sells! Also, as always, Custom Orders cost nothing to order. If you want something we don’t currently have, we’ll be glad to build it for you!

Thanks for coming by our website- we appreciate you for spending time with us here! :)


February 23, 2014-


Colin Beasley and Jessica Comeau Won First Place in each category.

Colin and Jessica are pictured here with their Awards and Prizes. Colin won a new Masterworks 16/15 Hammered Dulcimer, and Jessica won a new McSpaddon Mountain Dulcimer.

Colin won after only 3 months of learning how to play on his still-new 17/16 Black Bog Oak Hammered Dulcimer by Brooks Hill Music. He made us feel honored to be a part of his day as he competed against some tough competitors!

Jessica was the lovely daughter of a friend- Dee Dee Daly Comeau- who traveled all the way from Pensacola to be here with us. I soon believed she could play anything with strings! She had some talented competition, too- but she took First Prize in the Mountain Dulcimer competition.

They both made us VERY proud to be a part of their day- it was an awesome Festival, indeed! :)


February 21, 2014- Today is the Day!

It’s FESTIVAL TIME!!!!!!!!

Today begins our local Southern Strings Dulcimer Festival!!! We’ll be there near an entrance at the side, at William Carey College. I hope some of you can come by and see us!

Here is a peek at 2 of the new Psalteries we’ll be bringing!

I don’t know why the picture rotated sideways- but you can see why I wanted to share it anyway… You can click on this one for a closer view of all the amazing shimmers… Aren’t these just Gorgeous?!!!!

We’ll be bringing 2 new 17/16 Hammered Dulcimers! In our Exclusive Black Bog Oak and our very first Black Walnut Hammer Dulcimer!

Also, We’ll have a sample of our Low, High, Middle and Super Psaltery Models for anyone to try- in your choice of  Lap Harp Card Music, Mountain Dulcimer Tablature Number Music, or straight by-the-ear playing for those with that wonderful natural Talent! We’ll have several woods represented, and some new stands for both the Dulcimers, and the Super Psalteries- I hope! We’re building the Psaltery stands now. Come by and test drive our unique Instruments- we love getting to meet folks in person at this local Festival. :)

Here is my promised picture of our Special Visitors from Missouri! I couldn’t find it earlier, but I transferred it from my hard-working iPad last night via an email so I could get it posted at last. We really enjoyed their visit and have often been in touch since their visit- that’s part of the Joy in our smaller business here- you get to really know folks better and keep the friendships going! If you ever call or write me, just refresh my memory of what we’ve discussed or shared before and I’ll appreciate it greatly. I may have multiple buyers in your State and may need a reminder of which one you are- I often know by your earlier questions, or your Instrument. Some folks are even FaceBook Friends now! If you want to find me there, my ID picture is our logo photo here, and I’m under Janet Brooks, Purvis, MS. :)


February 4, 2014- Welcome to our many recent Visitors! We appreciate your taking the time to come by. :)

We’ve been busy behind the scenes here at Brooks Hill Music- sales have been lowering our stock and keeping new Instruments from ever appearing online! We’ve had wonderful visitors from another State who arranged to stop by on their  long vacation trip, and several long distance orders- including another BHM Psaltery finding a good Home in the far Western side of Canada- in Vancouver, British Columbia. Before that, our last Canadian buyer was in the far Eastern side of Canada- so we feel very honored to have BHM instruments on both sides of our Northern neighbor now. Also, our most recent order is almost Home now in its long journey to Utah- our 25th State! :)

When I’m not editing the website from my iPad, I’ll share a photo of our recent visitors from Missouri! They were a long way from Home, and we really enjoyed their visit. :)

In case you wondered what we’ve been doing through the recent Holidays, we are still busy doing Custom orders, and often have Instruments that I never get to list online before they are sold. If you ever want an Instrument you don’t see, feel free to contact us- we may actually have it! Currently, I’m holding some inventory back for our local Dulcimer Festival. One item is a lovely Double-Rosette Middle Model in Black Bog Oak and a Magnolia back… It has a tiny imperfection, so it’s reduced, but it is gorgeous! It was an accident to have Double Rosettes- only the Low Models and Super Psalteries have them- but it turned out really special. It was one of 2 we built, and one has already been sold through emails without being listed. As the Festival is so near, I decided to take it with us, but I’m always glad to share pictures in emails if you’re looking for something unusual like this one. We also have 2 Black Walnut Middle Models, a Black Walnut Super Psaltery, a Black  Walnut 17/16 Hammered Dulcimer-New wood choice!- and another 17/16 Black Bog Oak Hammered Dulcimer being finished for the Festival Booth I’ll be running on the 21st and 22nd. If you’re in South Mississippi then, come by and see us! You’ll save a lot of shipping expense by buying local if you’re looking for a BHM Instrument.

Here’s a link to the Festival Information:


We’re EXCITED to Announce-

Ben’s Woodturning Bowls are being added to the Website at last!!! 

This didn’t happen yet! We suddenly sold almost all of our inventory at Christmas. He must replenish his stock again to supply a local place and online. Hopefully, soon after the Festival, I’ll be able to list some of these beautiful bowls and pens here at last!

Keep watching for more soon! :)


A sneak peek... Shhhh!!! 

A highly unusual Black Walnut Super Psaltery being built now..

Isn’t it just AWESOME already? It’s totally unique from any we’ve ever built in it’s grain patterns. With a Silver Maple back, it will be incredibly beautiful! I’m eager to see it finished and sharing it’s ‘Voice!’

It was way too pretty not to share! :)

December 17, 2013- Merry Christmas from Brooks Hill Music!

We’ve been busy here at Brooks Hill Music- and now we are restocking. If you’re hoping for a new Black Bog Oak or a new and Unusual Black Walnut 17/16 Hammered Dulcimer, or a Black Walnut Super Psaltery, we have some of each almost ready for stringing. Also, 2 gorgeous Middle Models in combinations of Black Bog Oak and Magnolia Wood will soon be ready- and they are unusual in that they had two Rosettes each instead of one! When I saw them, I thought there had been a mistake and 2 Lower Models had been built instead of Middle Models! I soon found they were just fitted with double Rosettes like the Lower Models are…and they turned out really nice. :)

If you’re looking for something really special, that could be enjoyed, shared, and handed down to others, consider whether you’d like a Brooks Hill Music Instrument to brighten your Holidays. Our Buyers become like Musical Family as we strive to maintain great service before and after any sell. Questions are always welcomed without any sell, as well!

Custom orders are quite popular with us- unseen online, but keeping us busy! If there is something special we can build for you, there is no charge or commitment to buy- we just add it to inventory if you choose something different. :)


November 27-28, 2013- 

HAPPY THANKSGIVING from Brooks Hill Music!

We hope all of our Loyal Friends and Visitors have a GREAT Thanksgiving Holiday!

Sincerely, Ben & Janet Brooks of Brooks Hill Music.

November 16, 2013- It’s been BUSY at Brooks Hill Music! Sales have been keeping us busy, with local, website, and direct Internet orders coming in. We’ve currently sold out of our beautiful Black Walnut Psalteries in all sizes, and need to build more now. Our Black Bog Oak Hammered Dulcimer sold locally before it was listed on the website. We will need to build another of those soon, as they are very popular for Holiday gifts. This Holiday Season has already been busy, so I can only imagine how busy it will become in the next few weeks!

Thanks to our latest sale, we will be shipping Monday to our 24th State. Combined with another recent delivery to Canada, one of the two other Countries we’ve sold to, we are very  thrilled with all the Happy customer feedback we’ve been receiving. We keep working to improve our Instruments, and we truly enjoy the great responses we’ve been getting when folks see them. It makes the Midnight Oil burning as we designed them or strung them for listing seem worth it. :)

We  will be at the Sumrall Cotton Ginnovations this November 30, and again on December 7, if you are near us here in South Mississippi and would like to come by for a visit. We’d love to see you if you can come by- it’s always fun for every one to be there. :)

As always, if you have any questions, or need us for anything, we welcome you to write or call us. We don’t mind and never pressure anyone to buy from us. We stay pretty busy with emails, so don’t worry about writing. We enjoy just helping as much as we can. :)

October 28, 2013- The Holiday Rush seems to be already beginning! It will clearly be a Challenge to keep up with it this year. We’ve been selling behind the scenes these last 2 weeks, and some Instruments never had a chance to be listed on the website! We’ve been building Special Orders, sharing videos, and answering questions through calls and emails. One of our happiest texts was a picture of a Happy new owner with her Psaltery. The Happiness is our goal, so it makes my day to see texts like that! :)

If you have a question, or want assistance in any way, feel free to contact me. I truly love helping folks grow in their Music and in understanding our Instruments-  I had to ask questions to learn, too. No purchase is needed or expected- you wouldn’t be Happy if we were pushing you to buy. We LOVE what we’re doing at Brooks Hill Music and don’t mind sharing. :)

October 18, 2013- It’s been busy on Brooks Hill! Bowls were needed for local sales and we are trying to prepare for the Holiday rush on all of the different Brooks Hill Inventory items. There is always so much to do! The weather has been beautiful, and was actually chilly this morning here in South Mississippi when I headed out to join the Magnolia Strings Dulcimer group today. It’s already time to start practicing Christmas music! :)

Are you getting ready for the Holidays? Many of our sweetest memories have music in them… I’m glad to have a part in helping folks be able to enjoy making music- with instruments that help make it so much easier than they ever knew it could be. Including ME! As an AutoHarper, the melody and words of music were a mystery to me, so our first rough Psaltery was actually for me… And then we fell in love with them and decided to make them really special. :)

It’s a Joy to help create and share these lovely instruments,  and to then build new friendships as we do- a love for music can open so many unexpected doors! :)

Since that first Psaltery, we’ve found Musical Friends in 22 States and 2 foreign Countries- and another season will soon be upon us. Hopefully, we’ll keep adding to the Brooks Hill Music Family of Musicians as we pass through the reminder of 2013 and head into the next year- already just around the corner!

If you need us for anything, feel free to call or write- we are growing through our firm commitment to customer ‘Happiness.’ You never have to buy from us to ask all the questions you like- seriously! We enjoy talking with you about what you don’t understand and want to know, and I’ll be glad to try to help you make the best choices for you- I’ve been known to talk folks out of buying! If you wouldn’t be Happy, I wouldn’t be Happy- so I’ll do my Best to help you. :)

September 28, 2013- Updating the website! Check out the new option under Videos- now you can load faster with our new Thumbnail Video page. More improvements coming… 

We’ve finally added a page for our Favorite Links- these sites are great places to visit! Also, we’ve begun adding items from Mel Bay for your convenience. Like me, you may love their beautiful Wall Charts and own a wide collection of instruments. Because I do, I’ll be offering instructional aids for more than just our own Brooks Hill Music Instruments. Hopefully, our adding these items will be handy for you.

September 22, 2013- Finished!!! All of the pictures are now up. :)  

September 21, 2013- I’ve uploaded all of the new Psalteries now! I’m still adding lots of pictures and information on each one, but they are all on the website now. I’ve also done some rearranging of the Psaltery page to aid your navigation of the different sizes and prices. Hopefully, this will be a help to everyone. :)

If you have any suggestions, feel free to email me- I’m always interested in improvements! :)

I’ll go and get back to work- there are a LOT of beautiful pictures to go up yet! *Whew!*



Update- A small glimpse of the new Middle Models coming… One is already claimed! (The left side, Black Walnut.)

If you’d like one of these, let us know before they’re gone. I’ll be adding them to the website shortly, but I’m usually available for any questions you may have.  The photo taking and uploading is a slow process, so I thought I’d share a peek at some of my favorites…  :)

September 9, 2013- We will begin listing new Instruments today! Low Models, Middle Models and Super Psaltery Models! It will take a while to finish photographing, etc, but they are being done- beginning today.  :)

Soon, another Super Psaltery in our exclusive Black Bog Oak will be added- it only needs a little more to be ready for stringing, AND a lovely Black Bog Oak 17/16 Hammered Dulcimer is coming right behind it. :)

 September 6, 2013- How quickly time can pass! I’ve been unexpectedly unable to get in my office for weeks now- but I’m burning the ‘Midnight Oil’ tonight to get some beautiful Instruments caught up on their wire work. I have Instruments everywhere waiting for my full attention, and I’m eager to share them with our Brooks Hill Friends. :)

I’m seeing we’ve been having a lot of website traffic and I don’t want to miss helping all visitors feel very welcome to visit us. We love Guests! Thank you for coming by- we appreciate it. :)

Good News- we shall soon be adding some extras to the site!

Mel Bay will soon be available here, with all of their beautiful Posters and Teaching Books, etc. Their Posters have been my favorites for years, due to their quality and beauty.

Also, we’ll be working to offer Jess Dickinson’s wonderful Hammered Dulcimer Instruction Book-  it’s a great aid that you’d enjoy, I’m sure. I had to have one for myself already, of course! :)

I hope everyone is safe and enjoying the beginning of the Fall season peeking around the corner at us- some cooler temperatures will be welcome here in South Mississippi!

August 10, 2013- This month is already flying by! My work desk is getting filled with new instruments to be wired and completed. There are instruments built of Black Walnut, a lovely Cherry, Black Bog Oak, Red Gum-Mississippi Mahogany… Beautiful woods! I get to give them their new ‘Voices’ and hear them sing their first songs… Truly, this is a joyful work!

Another joy is Musician visitors- and we are expecting some today! Terry Butler is stopping by for a short visit, and we hope to hear her play in person, instead of just enjoying her music on videos! As she lives quite a distance away- about 600 miles, she told me- it is a rare opportunity to see her and listen to her play. :)

As soon as I can, I’ll begin listing these new Instruments. We were held up by some rush work and Custom Orders- one of the 3 new Middle Models is already spoken for!- but I’ll be trying to hurry and do my part of the process as fast as I properly can. Any requests are honored if you’d like to see anything special or unique- we don’t charge to build special orders until they are finished and photographed for your approval. We stay busy off the website, so feel free to catch us for anything you’d like to have us build for you. We don’t push sales, and we don’t mind helping you decide what you really want- even if you don’t buy anything. I might even help you look for a totally different instrument that we don’t offer ourselves- I have done that before, lol. Questions are welcome, too. :)

I’ll be listing soon, so check back with us if you’d like to see what we’ve already built! :)


July 29, 2013- Can you believe July is almost gone? Seems the busier you are, the faster time disappears! I hope everyone has been enjoying this beautiful Summer- it’s been gorgeous here in South Mississippi , and HOT! Perfect weather to sit around and share some  music  your friends. :)

We are stringing some new Instruments at last- some have already been called for and reserved. If you want anything special, that is a great way to go. No payment is required to order an instrument- we want to be sure you like it with pictures and even videos before you pay anything.

Unless it’s something we couldn’t put in inventory- which isn’t likely. It would need to be quite strange… :)

Orders have been coming in outside the listings on the site and have kept  us running.  :)

On another ‘Note’… I was granted an ok to share an intriguing experiment we were asked for. A special customer wanted a Chromatic Psaltery! Now, I’ll spare you most of the reasons why we couldn’t do this- but, trust me, it’s a difficult arrangement to achieve without building a completely different set of Instruments!

He was also looking for a bargain price…

I was getting ready to look for a Special Home for a UPS abused Low Model Psaltery…

While studying over his request, I saw a possibility of achieving it- at a Bargain price- if he wanted to try it in a Low Model…

We decided to try it…  Once decided, it was hard to wait! The Instrument had been damaged cosmetically and had to be completely refinished and re-pinned, etc. To help with the delay we shared pictures and discussed whether he REALLY wanted a Chromatic set up- would 19 strings work? He sought advice, I studied… Then it was ready to try it.

Carefully, I began… :)

It worked!

AND… I found a solution for a desired extra note- there was just enough room to squeeze a 20th string on this Low- with it being imperfect, it was ok to be a wee bit high on the face. For his needs in budget and Chromatic strings, it was a success!  :)

As I’ve been asked by others regarding Chromatic set ups, I thought folks would like to hear about our one experiment in trying it.

if you have a special request, let us hear it- it might be possible! We seriously do want each of our customers to be Happy with their new Brooks Hill Music Instruments! Also, questions are welcome whether you buy anything or not- feel free. :)


July 26, 2013- We’ve been BUSY here at Brooks Hill Music! Hope everyone has been enjoying this Summer as much as I have! :)

We’ve had to deal with a bad batch of finish that required totally starting over on some beautiful Instruments- it wouldn’t cure out normally and had to be completely removed and refinished. Thankfully, that is an unusual issue and we caught it where it could be done right! We want our Instruments to be as good as we can possibly build them for you! :)

Ben’s had several Special Orders to take care of- including a large group of his beautiful Bowls… I’ve swiped one before he could deliver it to the local store- I want to offer our online Friends a chance to at least SEE it before he sells it!  I’ll share pictures soon… :)

Today I’m working on a REALLY Special request- if the Buyer ok’s it I’ll share what we’re attempting here later. It’s an intriguing project to both of us!

Hope everyone has a GREAT Weekend planned! :)

We hope you’ll always feel free to contact us if you need us for anything. We enjoy sharing any help or answers we can with our Wonderful Musician Friends! Often, our contact with our customers has  been both Inspirational and VERY helpful, so we could improve our instruments, service AND website! Thank you for all the help, Brooks Hill Musicians! We REALLY Appreciate it! :)


July 15, 2013- Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! It’s beautiful here in South Mississippi. :)

We were delayed on listing last week, but the wait for the new inventory shouldn’t be much longer. I’ll be posting here as soon as I have word on what will soon be available.

I’ve seen a few, and they’re Gorgeous! :)

July 4th, 2013! Happy Birthday America!!!

We hope everyone has been enjoying their Holiday today! Also, next week I expect to begin listing some of the instruments. Watch for them soon! :)

June 28, 2013- Great News!!!

New Instruments are coming! New Instruments are coming!!! 

We are currently preparing a new GORGEOUS 17/16 Black Bog Oak Hammered Dulcimer for listing, and adding to our Inventory that has been getting low in some Models and Wood Choices. New Middles, Lows and Supers are coming soon!

If you’d like to see something Special, just email us and we’ll add it to our Inventory List. :)

June 25, 2013- Finally! (Had a setback in a failed computer monitor. Tonight it is all working again!) Now I can share a few pictures of our Cultural Center Exhibit at Bill Mason’s amazing Woodturning Exhibition. There were also many beautiful extra items collected from around the world. Enlarge the pictures to see the details!


This is all by Bill Mason… It was incredible! The wide bowl near the center front of the table with the light green insets was my favorite- the insets are stone!

This beautiful 17/16 Hammer Dulcimer, built of the Ancient Black Bog Oak, will soon be listed.

Our Exhibit of Instruments built of the Carbon Dated, nearly 2,000 year old Black Bog Oak which is also on Exhibit.


The Black Bog Oak Exhibit and a special Sculpture from an early portion of it by one of the Doctors who helped rescue it from the Leaf River.

Exhibit of Bristlecone Pine and American Chestnut.

Incredible pieces from around the world- some so much like lace that you can see through them!

My two favorite pieces… Can you count how many segments are in the segmented bowl…?!?

Paul and Betty Sykes came and graciously agreed to share their Mountain Dulcimer and Bowed Psaltery Music with us. Paul also played the One-of-a-kind Bowed Psaltery in our Exhibit to demonstrate it for us. It was built by Rick Long of of the same Ancient Black Bog Oak. They really made the event extra-special with the addition of their beautiful playing!


June 21, 2013- Come and visit our Exhibit at the Hattiesburg Cultural Center!

(This was the old Library Building downtown.)

We were invited to be a part of an INCREDIBLE Exhibit by Bill Mason, an amazing Master Woodturner. You’ll be glad you came when you see his beautiful work! Also, beautiful pieces  from around the world are included in the display.  I’ll share pictures when I can, but seeing for yourself  is far better  than any picture… :)

June 15, 2015- Happy Father’s Day! 

 We hope all of our Musician Father’s have a WONDERFUL Father’s Day! 

 June 8, 2013- Plus! A New 2-Video Playlist Set by Flutingspirit from his Youtube Channel!

Located at the bottom of our Video Page. :)

June 8, 2013- New Playlist of Super Psaltery Videos by Terry Butler!

Go check the bottom of our expanding Video Page to enjoy her new Super Psaltery Playlist!!!

Here is a cool picture of her newly added HEADLINE brand peel and stick letters for tuning and identifying notes for music notation…


Isn’t that Mega-Neat looking?

Here is what she had to say about it:

I added 1/4″ peel and stick letters near the tuning pins. Not sure where I bought these (in white and black) but I really like using these on many of my instruments. Found some today online at:

Musicians like Terry are a real blessing to us at Brooks Hill Music- and she is helping me develop some Tablature Style music- some like her Videos- that we may be able to share soon, too! :D

Hope everyone is enjoying their Summer! It’s already hot, but BEAUTIFUL here in South Mississippi… :)

Here is a peek at a few of the Gorgeous Day-lilies arriving daily now…






May 31, 2013- Where did May disappear to?

Is today really the last day of it?!? 

It has certainly been a BUSY Month here! I hope all of our Wonderful Visitors will enjoy browsing through our newly updated Website and maybe even feel like saying ‘Hello!’ Here in the South, we LOVE Company! :)

We’ve had many Visitors here- including from many different Countries. We want each and every one to feel Welcome and free to add any comments or suggestions you may have.  Just drop me an email and I’ll appreciate your invaluable input! This is YOUR Website, truly, and we want it to be as well done as we can possibly make it!

May 28, 2013- Just checking in today. :)

We hope everyone is enjoying the same beautiful weather we are having here in South Mississippi!

May 27, 2013- Happy Memorial Day!

Our Heartfelt Thanks go to those who gave ALL…

I’ve also added a Beautiful Testimonial from a New Musician Friend in Canada- Look at the top of the Testimonial page to enjoy it…

I’ve also added some more text in the website- some descriptions and information, etc. Any suggestions  that would be helpful are always welcome- I want to make the website as easy to navigate and enjoy as I possibly can, and your ideas might make it  better for all of us! :)

Hope everyone is enjoying this  beautiful day!

May 26, 2013- More Videos are HERE!

We have now added Super Psaltery Videos… Including a Video of an VERY SPECIAL Amplified Super Psaltery! 

There are New Videos of 6 different wood choices!

May 25, 2013-  NEW Videos Are HERE!!!!  A New Playlist of Original Models is currently located at the end of the Video Page NOW! :)

ALSO! I’ve added this-

From the Video Page:

There is a SPECIAL New Playlist I’ve Collected with Permission Granted by the Talented Musicians Featured in it. They are All Playing Some of the Brooks Hill Music Instruments So Beautifully that I’ve Asked to Include Them Here in this Playlist for Our Visitors to Enjoy with Us! Included are psalterygirl again- Terry Butler from Tennessee,  flutingspirit- also from Youtube, and Guy George Making One of Our Best Hammered Dulcimers Sing. You’ll Find a Few Different Playing Methods- Hammering, Plucking with the Fingers, and Plucking with Special Picks by flutingspirit. They’ve Been Inspirational to Us in Their Unique Playing Styles-

And They are ALL Really GOOD! :)


Here is a shared set of photos of a VERY HAPPY Super Psaltery!

What a Wonderful Stand and Hidden Shelf!!! This Unique Design is by Terry Butler, aka psalterygirl.

With her already granted permission, we may try to build some like this, by request. I know I want one! :)

May 22, 2013- trying to upload new videos and having difficulties- may be Internet related.  Must be away tomorrow, but I will keep trying till I can get some more videos up to show our many different woods- and their ‘Voices!’

May 21, 2013- Added Special Video by Terry Butler- aka psalterygirl on Youtube- Look for her on our Video Page, Demonstrating her Hammering Technique on an Original Model Psaltery!

As promised yesterday, I’m introducing Terry’s Great Talent on one of our Humblest of all Psalteries. Sold at a special low price due to ‘Show scuffs,’ it went to one of the Best Homes any Psaltery ever found. Now it goes with Terry to visit Hospital folks, alternating with her Custom Davidic Harp. An accomplished Musician on these Instruments, she also plays awesomely on her Bowed Psaltery, and you may find her playing all of these on her Youtube Channel- Enjoy! 


May 20, 2013- Been away for a Vacation to Florida with family- visited Boo for You Bamboo and came Home with some Beautiful Bamboo, Exotic Begonias, AND a fresh-picked Gift of a Grapefruit! It slipped into the Video I just uploaded for a request, so you may see it if you like. :)

I’m stringing a Custom Order Black Bog Oak Super Psaltery tonight, and enjoying it immensely! This one is for someone very special to us here at Brooks Hill Music, and we are excited to see this one going to such a wonderful Home. Soon, we will share some of the Videos this HIGHLY Talented Musician has created with an Original Model Red Gum-Mississippi Mahogany Psaltery, and we expect to see more soon with this Beautiful Super Psaltery we are finishing for her!

Several folks have told me that they have already seen and loved her Videos, so we can hardly wait to see what she’ll record next… :)

I’ll share pictures of this Beauty when it has all the strings on board… :)


May 16,  2013- Instrument sales and orders are coming in!

Many Thanks to our New Friends here at Brooks Hill Music-

We Appreciate Your Business and Trust!


MAY 12, 2013- Came by to mark one of our 2 New Mother’s Day Super Psalteries as gone, and to wish all the Mother’s a-

“Wonderful Mother’s Day!” :)


May 11, 2013- Special Instruments for Mother’s Day!

1. A Spectacular Black Walnut Super Psaltery

2. Our First Amp-ready Red Gum-MS Mahogany Super Psaltery!

I just Listed our 2 newest Super Psalteries! Check the Psaltery page to see them at last! If you want one for Mother’s Day, they are ready for you now- and they are truly Special! :)


May 8, 2013- Added pictures to the clearance Psalteries, and I’m working on the descriptions! The new Black Walnut Super Psaltery is now strung and tuned with a Voice that is already sweeeeet! :)


May 7, 2013- Adding pictures to the Clearance Psalteries. Soon I’ll add a GORGEOUS  new Black Walnut Super Psaltery and the Super Psaltery with the internal Pick ups. :)

Here is a early peek at the Black Walnut Super Psaltery… 

May 5, 2013- It’s a GO!!! We finished testing our first AmplifiedSuper Psaltery today!!! Soon available will be a Beautiful Red Gum-Mississippi Mahogany Super Psaltery with a Full Set of 4 internal pick-ups built into it’s body. It really sounded good and well balanced, from the deep lows to the highest highs… We tested with an Amp alone, and a Pre-Amp as well…

It is sounding BEAUTIFUL! Once it’s ready, I’ll share pictures and a video to Demo it’s wonderfully huge range. :)

May 4, 2013- CLEARANCE SALE!!!

Check the Psaltery Page for Special Prices!!!

Celebrate Launching Our New Line of Psalteries With Us by Adding to Your Psaltery Collection- All Older Original Model Psalteries are Being Reduced by  a Full $20.00!   :D

That’s like shipping for only $5!

May 3, 2013- Check our Video Page- I was able to share a Video Playlist of the last one of our New Low Model Psalteries, by special request. Soon, I hope to add several more Videos so everyone can finally both see and hear some of these Beautiful New Instruments!

May 2, 2013- Yesterday, we had some Special Guests who took some photographs and made this wonderful Collage of our Instruments for us- isn’t it beautiful? To see it best, click on it so it can expand. MANY Thanks go to Paul and Betty Sykes for creating this for us! 


Survey Question- We are building a special Super Psaltery with installed pick ups by request… Is anyone else interested in seeing Super Psalteries- or any other Model of our new Psalteries- with installed pick ups for playing with amplifiers?  We’d like to please our wonderful buyers- we mean it when we say we want HAPPY Buyers!- so any response would be a great help to our building/designing plans. Drop us an email or call to let us know your thoughts! We’d really appreciate it! :)

My email is:    My cell phone is: (601) 818-9022

A glimpse at my work-desk as I worked to list all the new Instruments- the Office was still being built around me! On the front are, (left to right), 4 Highs, 3 Middles, and 4 new Originals with unusual Pin Blocks from Airplane Propeller pieces. Laying down is an older Original in Chinaberry- I still can’t show it’s beauty with pictures! In the back are 3 Lows and 1 of our 4 new 17/16 Hammered Dulcimers. Clicking on the picture to enlarge it really helps to see everything better. :)

April 25, 2013-  Stringing a new Red Gum-Mississippi Mahogany Super Psaltery! Another spectacular Black Walnut Super will be coming soon… It is probably the most Beautiful Black Walnut Instrument we’ve had- it really is GORGEOUS! If I didn’t already have 2 beautiful Supers of my own, it might have never been seen except in Demos, lol! This lovely Red Gum-Mississippi Mahogany Super already has a good Home, but the Black Walnut still needs pinning, Bridgework and stringing, so it hasn’t had a chance to be seen yet… :)

It’s really been a busy day! We’ve just sold out our eBay Instruments, and I must decide if I’ll list something there… We also sold 2 of our 3 new Low Model Psalteries- before I could finish listing them here! The eBay Black Bog Oak Original Model is going to a GREAT Home in Ontario, Canada, after a visit in Illinois- our first Instrument to go to either destination. We now have 2 Instruments outside the USA- 1 in London, England, and 1 soon to be in Ontario, Canada. :)

The two Low Psalteries are going to a wonderful music-filled Home where two Brooks Hill Music Instruments are already Happy. The new owner has become a long distance Friend ever since they bought their first Instrument- these two new members of their Musical Family can’t help being Happy there!

Time to get back to work… Hope everyone is safe and enjoying their beautiful day today!

April 23-24, 2013- Internet was being obstructed by a failed outside filter- it hasn’t stopped since it was repaired!

Today I’ve finally finally listing all of our new Models- except an imperfect Black Bog Oak Low Model Psaltery- because it and the gorgeous Black Walnut Low Model Psaltery were both ordered by a Buyer before I could finish my listings for today!

I have Original Model Clearance Instruments to yet list, and text to add for descriptions, but the current new Models are up now. There are 2 Supers coming next, in Red Gum-Mississippi Mahogany with internal pick-ups to use with amplifiers that we are soon to test, and a GORGEOUS Black Walnut  that I adore… I can’t keep it, as I own 2 Supers already, lol. 

If you have any questions, or desire to have something special built, just contact us. :)

April 20, 2013- Internet service issues have finally forced me to call AT&T for help. They have schedules a Serviceman to come work on our lines Monday. Maybe they’ll find the problem and get it repaired so that we won’t keep being knocked offline. Hope everyone is having a GREAT Weekend!

April 19, 2013- A historic day today… The bombing on Monday and then the capture of the remaining suspect late today. So sad… Our prayers are with those hurting in Boston.

It’s been busy and crazy here, (I was VERY sunburned after the Saturday Sidewalk Sale, and that certainly didn’t help me reach my Goals!), but it seems I’ll soon have the listing finished at last! There are a couple of bargains, too. Also, I’ll be adding some Clearance Instruments after I finish listing our new Models!

We’re actually just gotten back in the rebuilt Office, and I’m enjoying the greater set up immensely! Cabinet doors are yet to be finished, but most of the work is done at last! Hoping tomorrow brings a much brighter day than what we’ve seen this past week. :)


April 15, 2013- Tax Day

Sad day in Boston… Prayers going out for the tragedy there today. :’(

Had a family emergency that required me to be away from our office computer today, so I couldn’t finish listing yet. I may be reached directly if you need me, and I’ll finish as soon as I can get back to the master computer. Hoping everyone is well and safe tonight- our Grandbaby girl is getting better, thankfully. She has had to be in the hospital for oxygen and breathing treatments due to a dangerous flu, but she has been allowed to try to manage them at home tonight. Her parents need help for now, but everything is better than it was!

April 14, 2013- Getting some new Instruments listed! It is a very slow process and will require a few days to complete with all of the photos and text I want to add with each Instrument. (Behind the screens are strange questions and odd fields to be answered and filled out, and peculiar boxes to be checked or unchecked- it is VERY confusing and took me a while to master each requirement. Adding descriptions will follow listing each new Instrument. I simply have to just keep repeating each step till it is all finished. It is actually a new day now, at 2:06 am, here in Central time! :))

Working at demonstrating our Instruments at an outdoor booth on Saturday left me dreadfully sunburned and even slower, but I will keep working on this till all of the new Instruments are fully listed. Also, we have some great Clearance Prices coming on some of our Original Instruments- so if you are looking for a quality Psaltery at a great price, just keep checking back till I’ve finished listing all of them!

Currently, all 4 of our big new Hammered Dulcimers are up where you can see them- I’ll add descriptions as soon as I can with the other listings. Also, one each of our 3 new Models of Psalteries are up, and 2 of our new, totally Exclusive Super Psalteries. We have included a picture of a grouping that shows 3 absolutely beautiful Psalteries in a rare highly-figured Black Walnut. It was all we could salvage from a stump and there will be no more quite like these! One of them is a High Octaves Model, another is a new Low Octaves Model, and one is an Original Middle Octaves Model. The Original is the first Instrument that my non-Music Husband has ever claimed- it was simply too precious, and he knows he can play these easy Instruments, so it is now his. :)

If you see something you’d like to ask me about, feel free to call. I won’t mind, and I DON’T push sales on anyone. We want you to be entirely Happy with any Brooks Hill Music Instrument you decide to buy from us, and pushing sales will never accomplish that! If you haven’t seen the number to reach me yet, here it is: (601) 818-9022

April 13, 2013- Have lots of pictures ready to upload! We have more than 20 Instruments to add to the inventory- but I’m having a problem with the listing process on the website. I will need to consult with my Webmaster to get this straightened out, so I’ll just add a preview here… If you have any questions about what you see, just call and I’ll be glad to help you personally. Hopefully I can get this working quickly!


 April 12, 2013- The Videos have been up and working for a while now- sorry I forgot to mention that here! Tomorrow I expect to begin listing our new line of Instruments, as well as 4 beautiful 17/16 Hammer Dulcimers. One is the Beauty that Guy George was playing so well in the new videos!

I’ve been receiving requests through emails and promised to get the new Instruments listed this week, so tomorrow I will begin doing so. :)

I found that pollen here in South Mississippi has become a problem for me this year and cost me some down time, or I would have been much busier than I have been here. However, with these big Dulcimers being so new, I really prefer to give them some shelf time before they sell so they can finish most of their stretching and adapting to the tremendous pressure being exerted by their many brand-new strings. An AutoHarp has a typical load of about 1,500 lbs. of pressure- I can only imagine the load on a fully-strung Hammer Dulcimer! They will profit from the delay, though it wasn’t intended to be quite this long!

As another News Update, we are currently in the middle of finally building our Office to be much more efficient! We grew so fast this past year that we just had to cobble together whatever we could find to work with, and we’ve totally outgrown our wee work area. This new, much improved office will be wonderful for me! However, as it has necessitated a major upheaval just as I was trying to finish some large stringing projects- with my BIG work desk being relocated to poorer lighting in another space, nice and tight!- I’ve been unable to do proper photographs till tomorrow evening. It’s well worth the delays, but came right on top of my already being delayed, so I do apologize for being so slow in updating our Loyal Visitors in what we are doing and have for sale here on our website. I fully intend to do better now- the emails and web traffic are growing fast and we want to be sure you are glad you came to visit. We appreciate you for coming by!

If you happen to be in our area, we will be having a great local sale tomorrow morning at the Oak Grove Antiques & More Store, beginning at 7 am. Ben has had his woodturning and special ink pens there for a while now, along with a few Instruments. Tomorrow is a special Sidewalk Sale where I’ll be Demonstrating some of our Original Models of Psalteries at clearance prices- and no shipping! I’ll reserve our best for the website, as I promised to list them here where out-of-town folks will have a chance at them first. After I list them, however, as always, we’ll still welcome local sales here to save folks the shipping. We really LOVE to meet the new owners of our Instruments- every visitor has been great to get to know better! Soon, I’ll share more about a recent Special visitor we’ve had. :)

I’d better get back to work, so I can get everything ready for the sale tomorrow morning, and for listing here tomorrow evening. Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend- it’s beautiful here in South Mississippi- if I can just avoid the pollen!!! ;)

February 27, 2013- Trying to fix the embed code for our new videos has resulted in a temporary patch to link you to them. If you’d like to see a Professional playing one of our newest big black Dulcimers, go to the video page and follow the copy and paste instructions there- it is worth the hassle- I’m sure you’ll agree. :)

I expect to upload new Instruments very soon- we just have a few things left to get them all ready for listing!

Just saw a great review on Hilonesome’s new White Swan Album- Here’s a link:

Glad to hear they are doing well!

February 24, 2013- Festival was GRAND!!! Coming soon, Videos of our newest Dulcimer being played beautifully by Guy George. He made it SING! You can finally HEAR one of our Dulcimers being played by a Professional.


We will also be launching our new line of Psalteries in all 4 new sizes. I was told repeatedly to patent our gorgeous Super Psaltery, so I’ll need to check on that. First orders should be shipped this week! Brooks Hill Music is celebrating a WONDERFUL first year of growth. Stay tuned for new instruments being listed tomorrow!!!


Resting today… MUCH needed! :)


February 22-23, 2013-

 Thanks to Everyone Who Came!

2013 Southern Strings Dulcimer Festival

William Carey College, Hattiesburg, MS


Here is a Link to a Portion of this years Festival Flyer on Our Events Page. It should be repeated around this time next year, too- Hope to see you there!


February 18, 2013- Busy! Busy! BUSY! Less than a week to our Festival! 

We’re waiting on string orders, finishing new Dulcimers and Psalteries for the Festival, as well as special orders- VERY tiring, but exciting!

Looking forward to seeing some special folks this year- some we knew, and some who are new and now part of the Brooks Hill Music Family!

It’s going to be a great year this year and we can hardly wait. :)


Here is a sneak peek at a very special order we are building for our first overseas order- this Beauty will soon be going Home to London.

You really need to enlarge this to see how incredible it is…!



This was taken before stringing to show the incredible wood grain patterns of this ancient wood. Both of the instruments pictured here, and the beautiful Bows, were built of our Carbon Dated Black Bog Oak that is nearly 2,000 years old. We sent our wood to Rick Long to build the Bowed Psaltery- we don’t try to build those, as he does fine work on them- as you can see!

At the Festival we plan on having 5 of our beautiful Hammered Dulcimers in this Black Bog Oak, Magnolia, Red Gum-Mississippi Mahogany, and Poplar. We will also introduce our new line of Plucked Psalteries in their new Low, Middle, High and Super Psaltery Models. With the new Psaltery Hammers!

We will also have some of our original Plucked Psalteries with the new wound wire set ups. You need to hear these- the sound is wonderful! If I can get some more loop end strings in, I can offer to restring any of our older Psalteries for what it costs me to buy the new strings and $5 for the work. Depending on the string price, that would only be $20 or $25 for a completely new set of all-wound strings! Come by and try them if you think you might want to upgrade your current Plucked Psaltery- we want to keep you happy by sharing any improvements to your Brooks Hill Psaltery that we can!

As a special bonus, we are giving quality wrenches with each new instrument we sell, and the Hammered Dulcimers include a quality pair of our Bob Bedard Hammers- the beautiful Zephyr Model that costs $33 before shipping! Come and try his Hammers- they are the best I’ve seen.

We’re hoping to meet our website visitors at the Festival! Tell us if you’ve visited us here and what you think about our website- I’ll try to find you a free magnet as a ‘Thank You,’ if you’d like one. :)


February 12, 2013- Things are gearing up for the Festival coming soon! Less than 2 weeks left and orders are already coming in! I recently strung a Gorgeous Poplar Hammered Dulcimer- our first of this beautiful wood. Tonight, I have the Joy of stringing a Magnificent Magnolia Hammered Dulcimer. Both are being reserved to be displayed at the Festival before being listed. Here’s a peek at them both:

Work is progressing slowly, but well, on the new Psalteries- including the Supers! The first Custom Super Psaltery Order has already been placed before they’ve even been listed- that was very encouraging to us. Thank you to our wonderful buyers! You’re the Best!

Soon I’ll be able to let you sneak a peek at some of them, too!

February 10, 2013- What a day to be grateful for so many things! As many may have heard- thank you to our buyers who wrote to check on us!- we had a REALLY BAD Tornado pass very close to us here at Brooks Hill Music. We were on our way to Church, quite close by, as it had just passed the road we use- and we had to turn around as it was totally impassable with trees and power lines downed together. Services were canceled for the night due to loss of power. If we’d not been running a wee bit late…

If you’d like to see the pictures and videos of the damages in our area that I collected on my FaceBook page, just search for ‘Janet Brooks Purvis Mississippi’ and look for our Brooks Hill Music Logo picture of our Hammered Dulcimers and Plucked Psalteries as my ID picture- I’ve been gaining new Friends lately and enjoying sharing with them. Today a Gentleman from Spain gave me a friend request and I’ve been fascinated with his videos and Harps- even though it’s almost all in Spanish! Beauty goes beyond words. :)

February 9, 2013- Just received a package from Bob Bedard’s Joyful Noise Dulcimer Hammers. Our new Custom Order has arrived!!! Bob has created a BEAUTIFUL selection of PLUCKED PSALTERY HAMMERS!!! Yes!!! For the Plucked Psaltery!!!

Here is a link to Bob’s website- he is a wonderful Gentleman to speak to, and does simply gorgeous work- both to see, and to hold.

I guess you can see I’m excited, lol… Well, when you look at these pictures of our first 4 prototypes, you might be excited, too! :)

He builds the most beautiful Dulcimer Hammers I’ve seen, so I’m thrilled he was willing to try to create something so special for us.

Many have been requesting Hammers for playing our Plucked Psalteries, and now we have them coming! There will be some on our table at the Festival on the 22-23rd. Come and try them out! The leather side is soooo sweet sounding to me.

Here is a side-by-side comparison shot to show how they compare to my own favorite pair of his Harlequin II Dulcimer Hammers. Aren’t these beautiful!

Enlarge the pictures to show the detail- these are worth a closer look!

These will be especially perfect for playing our new Super Psaltery- just what I’d hoped for!

February 6, 2013- Whoo Hooo! New BIG Sander is working great!!! Needs a rubber section to protect finished surfaces, but it should really help Ben AND improve our instruments! 

January 31, 2013- Pictures!!! The Brooks Hill Music Super Psaltery is being tested!!!

Here are some construction pictures…


Here is the completed Instrument…

Containing 33 strings- half of what our over-sized Hammered Dulcimers have- with a huge range of over 4 1/2 octaves!

With slight changes, you can play in the Key of G with the Music Sheets/Cards, or the Keys of D or C Tablature style. We are very happy with how it has turned out so well- it sounds wonderful! Click on the pictures to enlarge them for more detail. The front is our gorgeous Catawba, and the back is a beautifully figured Maple. They will be built in various woods when we are ready to build for sell.

Here is a comparison picture…


We plan on trying a video soon, and it will be on the table at the Festival if you’d like to try it!

January 25th, 2013- We thoroughly enjoyed a visit today with Mark Indictor and his wonderful Wife, Patricia VanOver. They are the owners of one of our finest Black Bog Oak 17/16 Hammered Dulcimers, and came by while visiting relatives here in Mississippi- they’re from California, so it was great to have a rare chance to meet them in person today. Mark is a fabulous Fiddle player with Susie Glaze & the  Hilonesome Band. I was especially thrilled to receive a copy of their latest CD,  which isn’t available to everyone yet. (I’ve been enjoying it all evening!)

To check out their website, use this link;

We also had a chance to hear Mark play his Fiddle. Later, Ben said, “He coulda’ played a long time! ” I fully agreed, of course! :D It was a lot of fun- hopefully we’ll get another chance to visit again one day… 


Important News! 

Brooks Hill Music is adding new instruments to the Psaltery Line!

Being built and tested now, we are creating 4 new Psaltery Models. One will be close to our current Psaltery, but 2 will be in lower and higher octaves!  The current Model is being upgraded to all wound strings, with quality loop end Mandolin strings, for an even sweeter Voice and tension quality. It is a really special change we owe to suggestions from some very special folks who prefer to be anonymous- but we know who they are, and appreciate them highly. You will too, once you experience the wonder of these changes! All current stock will be upgraded to the wound strings before shipping… :) All new instruments will also feature double Bridges, too… Another valuable suggestion we’ve already tested and agreed on. :)

Also, as a REALLY Special Addition, we are creating a totally unique instrument I’m naming the Brooks Hill Music SUPER PSALTERY! It will cover 4 1/2 Octaves- yet be completely portable! Watch the site here for photos and updates on it coming soon… I can hardly wait for it to be ready for stringing!!!


January 19th, 2013- We’ve Added Some of the eBay Feedback our Wonderful Buyers have Given Us- with Pictures!!! Check Testimonials!

Just look for these Posters to find our Booth at the Festival!